See District Disclosure

The District Disclosure answers general questions about metropolitan districts.

You can find this form under the library tab.

How do I get my pool passes?

Print out the online membership forms, Take to the pool to get your tag.

Can I take down the Metro District fence?

No!! Homeowners or their contractor can’t take down the fence for access to the yard. An do not drive over landscaped areas.

When are Operation and Maintenance Fees due?

Invoices go out every quarter. Fees are due,

March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st.


What color stain is approved?

Fence stain for WPMD is KWAL Woodcraft Cedar, Product # 6250. See spec sheet in the library section.

Homeonwer fence does not have to be stain, but if you choose to stain your fence it must be KWAL Woodcraft Cedar.

What day is Trash/Recycle day?

Trash/Recycle day for Windshire Park Metropolitan District  is Thursday.

This is to eliminate trash sitting out on the curb several different days during the week and to limit the number of large trucks driving thru our neighborhood causing wear and tear on our streets.  Not to mention the safety issue for all the children that live in our neighborhood.

Can advertisements be place on our mailboxes.

NO!!!!! Mailboxes may not display advertsing, except the publication title (USPS). Domestic Mail Manual Section 2.11

What if I see a burnt out street light, Who do I contact?

If you see a street light burnt out, please get the pole number and contact Xcel at 1-800-895-1999.

Are gates allowed in the District fence.

NO!  Gates are not permitted to be placed in the District  fence.

If I rent out my property in the District, Can I get a Pool tag for myself and my Renter?

No.  Only one Pool tag will be issued per address in the District and it will be issued to the person living at that address.

When is the non-potable water turned on?

The non-potable water system will be turned on around the first week of May. When we get water depends on the winter/spring run off.

Are The Windsor Apartments in the Metro District boundaries

The Windsor Apartments are not in the District boundaries.

Can the Residents of the Windsor Apartments use the District Pool?

Residents of the Windsor Apartments will only be allowed to use the pool if they purchase an Out of District Pool Membership for the  yearly fee.

Can the residents of WPMD use the Windsor Apartments basketball courts and Clubhouse?

No.  The Windsor Apartments are not in the District.

What do my O and M fees pay for?

O and M fees pay for the operations and maintenance of the Districts.

O and M fees are what the Districts run off of to cover all daily, weekly, monthly yearly expense. See District No. 1 budget for questions on O and M fees; below are some of the items that the Districts O and M fees cover.

Accounting, audits, work with bank on bonds and loans, bond reporting, work with Town and County on tax collections, District management, over 30 District state/County/Town filings requirements, coordinate contractors, IT items, off site IT storage, office cost, phones, internet, web site IT work, web site up-dates, office supplies, office equipment, District Insurance, District Dues, legal fees, elections, coordinate elections, hire election judges, coordinate District meetings, coordinate mapping of site, work with engineering, fence repairs, fence staining, handle UNCC required locates, file state required UNCC reports, site lighting, monuments, landscape repairs, landscape maintenance, snow removal, tree replacement, shrub replacement, tree spraying, purchasing and placing/removing holiday lights, utility bills (Water for all grass), power for site utilities and the Pool, covenants enforcement, irrigation repairs, drainage issues, mulch replacement, ditch maintenance, storm system maintenance, detention pond maintenance, dry detention pond maintenance, native grass areas, dog stations, trash cans, Non-potable water system, renting water, work with the board to handle the Districts, work with realtors, title companies, work with developers, work with builders, work with the Town, work with homeowners, questions. Sometimes mediate issues with homeowners, mediate issues with builders, etc, the list goes on.

Pool: membership tracking, sale of memberships, coordinate rentals, coordinate contractors, printing Daily repairs and maintenance, utilities, internet, phone, power, gas, trash, pest control, heating maintenance, cleaning service, tables & chairs maintenance, pool insurance, lifeguard cost, pool chemicals, pump maintenance, door security system, maintenance of the Pool grounds, maintenance of playground, fencing issues, gate maintenance, reserves for future repairs and maintenance, pool plaster (12 years), pumps, concrete, roof, painting inside and out, etc, the list goes on.

See District Disclosure and District Summary for more information.

What do the WPMD Taxes pay for?

District Mill Levy (Taxes):

The taxes you pay go to pay back for all the infrastructure of the site. This pays the payments for the bonds that have been issued to the District. See District No. 2 budget for questions on this;

In general, this is building of the site: Grading the site, bringing in the sewer, the water, placing a storm system, grading and placing the roads for curbs, streets, paving, placement of walks, street signs, street stripping, bring in power, gas, phone, irrigation systems, landscape areas, fencing, monuments, the Pool, paying for off sites, roads, etc, the list goes on.

See District Disclosure and District Summary for more information.